Couples: Mirrors & Wallpaper

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Is it me, or has the Valentine’s Day hoopla started early this year?  I am not usually aware of Valentine’s Day and the hype leading up to it.  I’m single and usually my Valentine’s are my fellow single girlfriends and many bottles of wine.  For some reason, I’m seeing more and more hearts around me this year. 🙂

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In honor of this most romantic holiday, I’m bringing you couples that light me up more than dozen red roses – mirrors and wallpaper!  Scratching your head?  Take a look and you’ll see what I mean…







I decided to play Cupid and pair up some mirrors and wallpaper that caught my eye.  Everything is under $100 so take a look!

The Striped House - Wallpaper & Mirror Combinations

 The Always Well Dressed Couple:

The Whole Foods Couple:

The Downtown Loft Couple:

The Fun Parents Couple:

The Sushi Happy Hour Couple:

The Sunday Fun Day Couple:

Wallpaper Quote - The Striped House

I hope you enjoyed my corny Valentine’s Day – Mirrors and Wallpaper post 😉  Admittedly, I might start with the temporary removable wallpaper first.  I’m too afraid I’ll put up the paper and not like it!!  #commitment-phobic

Have you tried wallpapering?  Thoughts?  How did it turn out?  Second thoughts?  Break ups?  (Laughing) Sorry, I’ll stop now 🙂

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