Disguising an Ugly Window with a Big Painting

Hello all!  Hope you’re all doing well.  If you’re from my neck of the woods, you’re getting ready to hibernate for the next couple days, something about a massive blizzard coming our way…:)

I wanted to tackle one of the projects from my 2016 Goals List.  So I picked the Ugly Window project.  I have been trying to come up with a way to ‘banish’ this window since I moved in.  It’s incredibly dated – 1986 to be exact.  You can see the picture of the window in my Goals post.  Eww.  I can’t paint the cross beams because they are in between the panes of glass.  So not convenient for someone who wants to change everything.

Then I got the crazy (or not) idea to cover it with a big painting!

I had a painting from years ago that I did, but didn’t like anymore. It was super basic.  I hand painted big grey chevron stripes (like I said, basic).  Then I painted over it again, but didn’t like the outcome.  Another coat of white paint went on.  But, third time’s the charm. I went easy to avoid another repaint, and went the abstract route.  I used the Modern Master’s Pale Gold paint I got from Haven.  This is the second time I’ve used this paint for DIY decor projects.  Check out my Greek Key table here.

The Striped House - Ugly Window Paint Over 3

To avoid seeing the cross beams through the canvas, I put 4 sheets of white paster board behind the canvas.  They’re literally slide between the wood from and the back side of the canvas.  I used a little scotch tape to keep the upper pieces in place.  The poster board will also help keep the paint from fading.

The Striped House - Ugly Window Paint Over 2

Best part – the project was FREE!  I shopped my own house for supplies, and still managed to check off one of my big tasks for the year.  Double win!

I really like how it turned out.  It doesn’t look like I’m trying to cover anything.  The painting looks like it’s just hanging on a big empty wall.  And it ‘ups’ the style factor for the room with that ugly window being out of sight. 😉

The Striped House - Ugly Window Paint Over

Onto the next project!  I hope the next one is also free 😉  I hope this got you thinking about your own home and what you already have in your house that you can use to solve a design problem, or make you fall in love with a space a little more.

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The Striped House - Ugly Window Paint Over text

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    February 22, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    I was just thinking – “I bet the window isn’t that bad.” It isn’t, but I completely support the painting placement! 🙂 How does it look from the outside?

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