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This is a one of a kind post today, so I hope you’re ready for all of the real-ness you’re about to see!  My dear friend, Amanda (who blogs at Amanda Katherine), asked a group of DIY and home decor bloggers to show our real houses.  Yep, no staging.  No cleaning.  No styling.  No putting away piles of laundry.  You get the point 🙂

This is the behind the scenes look at what goes on in a blog “when no one is looking”.  It’s what we try to hide, but today the cat is coming out of the bag!  I usually have a pretty organized house.  It’s just me and my two fur kids, Toby and Falala.  It usually gets pretty nuts when I’m in project mode.

Now my dining room on the other hand…  oooooo, wee….  This is pretty embarrassing.  This is my dumping group for all supplies that are about to be used, currently in use, or were just used and I’m too distracted to put away.


Those are my photography lights in the corner.  They hang out there all of the time so they are out of the way, and I don’t need to disassemble them each time I want to use them.
IMG_0503 Let’s review what’s on here:  a rug, a chandelier that needs to be put together, candlesticks, paint, a yardstick, wood glue, leftover pieces from my DIY House Numbers post, an elephant watering can, solar lights that I want to put in my front yard when the ground thaws, a smoke detector, Liquid Stitch, tape measure, my drill, candles, toothpicks, spray bottle of vinegar, acrylic paint, hammer, leftover packaging from house numbers, a silver elephant vase, wood stain markers, an empty plastic caddy …  Geezus.

I can’t cook to save my life, just ask my mother.  So my kitchen doesn’t get used for it’s intended purposes.  I might get the award for most random item in my kitchen —  an old school overhead projector.  I want to add some piece of dramatic artwork in my kitchen.  But my original idea is not turning out how I hoped, so we’ll see what I come up with.  Oh and that’s the cover for my Air Conditioning unit outside that I forgot to put on last fall.  It’s been on that chair for a long time…


Here is my Fiddle Leaf Fig plant that I am barely keeping alive.  It’s dropping multiple leaves a week lately.  I don’t know if I’m over or under watering it.  Clearly I failed Home Ec class in grade school.

Another dumping ground for me…  the railing at the top of my stairs.  I tend to pile stuff up there until I go downstairs.  Gross, you can see the cat hair that Toby leaves on top of the cushion where he always naps.  That cushion can never be in it’s original shape ever again.


I love a good coffee table.  While my new one is being put together, you’ll get my Target nesting tables.  Once again, lots of randomness:

  • Four bottles of lotion
  • Can of racquet balls so I can roll out the tight tendons on the bottom of my feet
  • Basket of nail polish
  • Two journals, two planners, and another notepad – this is why I’m considering having a custom planner made!
  • My iPad
  • A pen and two colors of highlighters, because one is not enough
  • And a Diet Dr. Pepper


Can you see Falala in the picture below?  She is basically an extension of my rug.  No joke, if her eyes are closed and it’s not really bright in this room, you cannot see her.  I am always watching where I put my feet on this rug.  IMG_0513

I am going to lose my title of being really organized one you see this.  Yep, this is my dumping group for papers.  It’s sooooooo bad, I know!  I need to spend a day going through this basket and scan, throw away, or file things.  Not my finest moment.
IMG_0515I make my bed every day.  But there is usually a small pile of shoes at the foot of my bed.  

I bought a really cool chair years ago so I would have a place to sit when I put my shoes on.   It has turned into dumping ground for clean clothes.  And the dirty clothes get thrown on the floor.  Hey, they told me I couldn’t put away piles of laundry for this post 🙂
IMG_0520My teeny tiny master bathroom.  There is still a Christmas bath mat outside my shower.  My hair-dye stained towel is always thrown over my door, and my hair turban is aways on the shower door knob.  I just saw the empty shampoo bottle on the floor.  Geez.  My hair dryer cord is always unwound and all over the floor.  And my makeup and hair stuff on top of the toilet is always over crowded.

Here are the other blogger’s who are brave enough to show you their real homes.  I’m secretly dying to check out everyone’s homes!

Addison’s Wonderland

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Amanda Katherine

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Cuckoo 4 Design

Simple Stylings

I hope you have a good laugh and check out the other ladies’ homes.  Have a great day, and know that whenever you look at a perfect photo again, that there is likely a disaster on the other side of the lens 😉

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  1. Julia@Cuckoo4Design
    March 7, 2016 at 8:15 am (9 months ago)

    That art looks really cool and interesting! Love this series

  2. Margie Sakelik
    March 7, 2016 at 11:15 am (9 months ago)

    Welcome to the real world, yours and mine. Even though I’m retired and no kids at home, some days I just say “screw it” and that’s the day somebody always shows up unexpectantly. I feel quilty if I don’t make my bed each morning, that’s a must……..but I live in my home and it shows it. Each day I pick a room to straighten etc…eventually it all gets done, just to begin the process again. No paid house cleaner here, rather spend the money and time in mt garden. Thanks for your house tour, loved it, and DO NOT FRIT, memories are made in messes.

  3. Brittany Hayes
    March 8, 2016 at 9:41 am (9 months ago)

    Oh my goodness I am so glad I found your insta and blog! Love your style! And I can totally relate to all of the project piles. I feel like I always have one around every corner. So glad you were a part of this loop!
    XOXO, Brittany Hayes w/ Addison’s Wonderland

  4. Amanda Katherine
    March 8, 2016 at 12:29 pm (9 months ago)

    Love seeing more of your home! Your cats are so sweet 🙂 Thanks for joining in!! This was such a fun tour.


  5. Britney
    March 12, 2016 at 10:34 am (9 months ago)

    I like the term “project piles” I saw mentioned in the comments. My husband thinks I’m the queen of junk piles but I like queen of project piles much better 🙂

  6. Emily
    August 5, 2016 at 8:33 am (4 months ago)

    Nice to see what it looks like when it isn’t staged – it makes the rest of us feel a little better about our homes 😉 Your master bedroom looks gorgeous! It looks so comfy cozy and romantic. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time getting that vibe in my own.


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