Hello friends!  Since I’m in a phase of making my house more functional and “finished”, an office refresh was in order.  My office was one of the first rooms that I decorated in my house, and I still love everything I purchased years ago.  I love the black walls, my all white furniture, my capiz shell chandelier, and my white curtains on a basic black rod.

My goals for my office:

  • create more white space on my desk – get rid of the piles!
  • make my office inspire me more creatively
  • finish the window…  paint the trim, stain the window, add bamboo blinds, and install one of those little hook thingy’s that keep your blind cords tidy.
  • rearrange things so I can use my new printer without tripping over a cat 😉

The glasses on my desk are these nifty glasses that help you not get headaches when you’ve been looking at a computer screen for too long.  They block out the blue screen rays.  They were $20, and totally worth it!  I linked to them below.

What I re-used:

The inspiration board is the massive cork board I created years ago for my dining room.  But I never used it in my dining room, so it’s been in my basement for a while.

The table holding my printer was also in my basement.

The artwork above the printer is usually over the 1980’s octagon monstrosity window in my entry.  Problem is that window lets in a lot of light, so I took the art down.

The circle tray on my desk was originally silver.  I took a can of orange spray paint and gave it a new look 😉

My desk chair was in my dining room, against a wall.  My knock off Eames Management chair bit the dust after many years of constant use.  So I moved the white chair over as a temporary substitute, but I like how it looks.

I took a marble cheese board from my kitchen table to put under my computer to bump it up a little.  I never used it for cheese, more so for decor.

What I purchased:

I didn’t purchase much.  I spotted this green and brass desk lamp at Target and waited for it to go on sale, and then I walked around the store for three hours before deciding if I should really buy it.  (I typically will walk around Target twice – once to fill my cart, second to put it all back except for what I need!)

Two small brass and glass place card holders ($4 each).

The last thing I purchased was the marble easel.  It was on sale for $26 and it is heavy enough that my cats can’t knock it over.  If you have cats, you know they think you can’t work without them and they must be on your desk (usually the keyboard) while you are working.

A $2 mousepad I found in the dollar bins at Target.

I scouted around for a new essential oil diffuser.  I found one on sale, and I like that it has a regular wall plug.  I didn’t want one with a USB plug that had to plug into my computer.  Remember those cats I mentioned?  The less cords near my computer, the better.

The bamboo blinds have also been in my basement for a year.  I purchased the blinds for my office and living room at the same time, since the rooms are next to each other and the windows are identical.

I linked to everything at the bottom of the post.

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Until next time, happy DIY’ing!

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