Hey y’all.  I am self-professed morning person.  I love to wake up early, go straight to the computer (still in my jammies) and start working.  My mind is fresh and ready to go in the morning.  In college, I would always pick the 8am classes.

But…  I pretty much despise the whole process of getting ready and rushing out the door.  It makes me crazy.  I’ve never been one of those lucky women who can skip a day washing their hair.  So I start from scratch every day.  So dang annoying.  Not to mention I am 99% late wherever I go after I have to get ready.  And I am pretty worthless once 3pm hits.  So this post is for all of us who struggle with the mornings.  Maybe making some of those functional things a bit prettier to look at will make me move a little faster and make the morning routine a little more fun? 😉

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Side note:  I personally bought the green and white towel, below, and it the softest towel I have ever bought for myself!  I bought it in black and white to go with my bathroom.  What I love is that it has the hook on the end so I can hang it from one suction hook in my shower to dry.

Not a morning person? Bring a little pretty into your morning routine.

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