Hey all! I’m Jen. I’m so glad you stopped by. The Striped House is the story of how I’ve transformed my 30 year-old home from a “faded oak, ugly vinyl, beige, pre-fab monstrosity” to a warm contemporary home of classic bones, black and white elements, and doses of vintage, midcentury,and Scandinavian thrown in to keep it interesting.  I do it all on a budget, and DIY many of the pieces myself.


It’s oaky to not be able to sum up your style in two words.

If you don’t love it, it’s not finished.

Thou shall not be boring.  Just say no to an all oak kitchen.

Forget buying chintzy t-shirts when traveling, buy art.

Take your time.  It’s okay if it takes you six years to find the perfect kitchen flooring.

If you can’t find it (or afford it), make your own.

When in doubt, paint it white.

Hold out for what you really want!  Save your pennies and get what really makes you happy.

It’s okay to have commitment issues with color.

Internet shopping is our friend.

Details, details, details.

Never under estimate the power of layering.


Launched in 2014, the idea for this blog first started when friends wanted to see the end-results of my home improvement projects.  I blog about the (mis)adventures of remodeling my home, DIY projects, scoring a look-for-less room, great finds, and rooms that I wish I had in my home.  What inspires me?  Fabric patterns, a well styled room, typography (it’s true), creative people, a really cold beer on a patio, happy animals, funny kids, a song that stays in my head too long, art, traveling to new places, NFL theme music, changing of the seasons, and a really great hug from someone I really care about.


Blog surfing, reading, magazines, design books, painting, wood floors, all things black and white, my iPhone & iPad, soaking up the sun, lavender candles, finally finding the (insert object of your desire here) I saw in the magazine I can’t stop thinking about, greek key, scoring bargains, dive bars, my car, Green Bay Packers, high heels, decorating Christmas trees, my pets, fireworks, good hair days, watching snow fall at night, Diet Dr. Pepper, getting massages, researching my family tree, God, giving back, smells of summer, white wine, traveling and my family.

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