I’m Jen. I’m so glad you stopped by. The Striped House is the story of how I’ve transformed my 30 year-old home from a “faded oak, ugly vinyl, beige, pre-fab monstrosity” to a warm contemporary home of classic bones, black and white elements, and doses of vintage, midcentury, and Scandinavian thrown in to keep it interesting.  I do it all on a budget, and DIY many of the pieces myself.

I’m slightly obsessed with all things black and white, midcentury modern furniture, books, David Hicks fabric, true crime podcasts, Carrera marble, fireworks, lucite accessories, Diet Dr. Pepper, capiz shell chandeliers, geeking out on genealogy and Bloody Mary’s.

I’m also a big time animal lover and don’t use products tested on animals.  If it’s vegan, even better!  I actually started a Cruelty-Free Home Decor group on Facebook, you should definitely “like it” 😉  I am the human to two spunky felines, Toby (a 13-year-old diabetic – yes, we do insulin twice a day); and Bridget, who will stop at nothing to get Toby’s stripes off of his tail and onto her’s.  She chirps non-stop and hates going into time-out (aka, Mom’s bedroom with the big fluffy soft bed).

The core of TSH is all about the process of making a home your own, and getting it exactly right on a budget that works for you by doing some of the work yourself.


It’s oaky to not be able to sum up your style in two words.

If you don’t love it, it’s not finished.

Thou shall not be boring.  Just say no to an all oak kitchen.

Forget buying chintzy t-shirts when traveling, buy art.

Take your time.  It’s okay if it takes you six years to find the perfect kitchen flooring.

If you can’t find it (or afford it), make your own.

When in doubt, paint it white.

Hold out for what you really want!  Save your pennies and get what really makes you happy.

It’s okay to have commitment issues with color.

Internet shopping is our friend.

Details, details, details.

Never under estimate the power of layering.

Some of My Favorite Projects:

My Living Room Makeover

Interior Door Makeover

My Kitchen Makeover


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Cheers to making a beautiful home!