Hello friends! ย I’ve got a new Look for Less Furniture post for you today. ย I found four pairs of almost identical items, one at much less price point than it’s look-alike. ย Goes to show you how you can get an expensive looking room, without breaking your piggy bank ๐Ÿ™‚

I've picked out four pairs of furniture and decor. Each pair has a higher priced item, and one much much less expensive. Can you tell which is which?

Upholstered benches.. ย one of these is $299 (on sale for $239), the other is $92. ย Can you tell which is which? ย Click the link to find out!

Bench A (link)


Anglo Modern Mid Century Fabric Bench

Stars & Stripes Bedding… ย one Full size set is $250 for the comforter and two shams, the other is $75. ย Can you guess which is which?

Spindle armchairs are popping up everywhere now… ย One of these is $700 (gulp), and the other is $349 – THAT’S HALF OFF!

Keeping with my plaid and buffalo check kick, here are two blue buffalo check blankets, one is $11, the other is $50.

I kinda feel like Bob Barker just now, LOL! ย It was fun, and I’ll have to do it again soon. ย Hope you enjoyed this, and if you have any high price point items that you need help finding on the cheap, please comment below!
Until next time!