Here are some things that I think are too good not to share.  They may not all be related to decor, but they all got me smiling, laughing, or clicking.  So go make yourself a Bloody Mary, and settle in…

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No. 1  This is nothing to do with decor, but everything to do with cheese.

No. 2 These sharp looking glasses are a must if you get headaches from looking at computers all day. I love mine.

No. 3 I bought this mini essential oil diffuser for a couple bucks, and I’m hooked.  It has a USB plug, so I pop it into my computer, I literally plant it under my nose while I type.  This Creative Juice oil is my favorite.

No. 4  I just binge listened to Up and Vanished.  I’m going to start S-Town next.  I listen to true crime podcasts when I’m painting.  They make the time fly!

No. 5  This video had my family cracking up on Easter Sunday.

No. 6  This classic print, “Glacier Park” has been on my radar lately.  This throw blanket caught my eye 😉