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I have a confession.  I love seeing the inside of celebrity homes.  I could give two hoots what designer they’re wearing or who they are dating.  But I will plant myself in front of the magazine section in a store if “so and so’s” home is featured.  Cashiers just loooove me. *sarcasm*

Look 4 Less || How to get Shay Mitchell's kitchen

So when Shay Mitchell’s kitchen was featured in Architectural Digest, your’s truly paid attention.  I don’t watch much TV so truthfully (got rid of cable a year ago), I didn’t even know she was an actress.  Like most decor junkies, I can look at a room and start dissecting it and make a mental list of items where I can find a knock off version.

Here are the two photos featured:

The Thomas O’Brien “Hicks” pendant above the kitchen table is a classic.  It’s also $735 (for the medium size).  I found this version on Etsy and it would be really easy to paint the top third in black using a heat resistant black paint.

Those bistro chairs are classics and are showing up in a lot of retail shops, even the knock offs!  I found a red pair at At Home for $45, but Wal-Mart was the winner for the black and white versions.

Found a set of six bamboo cooking utensils for less than $6, and a white ceramic utensil holder for less than $17.

For the black and white pottery on the shelf above the table:  polka dot vase, bowl, and these super cute mod egg salt & pepper shakers.

I found these bench style faux leather seat cushions for $23.  They are actually a dark espresso color, but could be painted with a black leather paint in a snap.

I found some imposter throw pillows at great prices:  striped lumbar pillow with tassles,

Those gold brass and black barstools are pretty amazing, aren’t they?  I found a more boxy version.

That sisal runner is so classic.  I found this great version for $50.

Those white geometric vases on the kitchen island… I found some great look-a-likes here and here.

I really like the natural wood pieces.  The “boat” dish on her island, I found a pair on sale here.  Here is a really pretty wood cutting board (like the one leaning against her backsplash).

The cabinet pulls are a little hard to see, but they are definitely stainless steel cup pulls.  I found some inexpensive versions here and here.

I hope you liked this post.  I’d like to start doing more like this.  It’s fun to see if you can find high end look alikes for a fraction of the cost.  Have a great week!