Hello friends, sorry I’ve been away for some time.  I was in Atlanta last weekend for Haven, and it was such an amazing four days.  I love seeing my DIY/design/home decor blogging friends.  We learn so much from each other, get inspired, and have fun every night well past Cinderella’s curfew.  I miss them all already 😉

This was one of those posts that took a lot longer than I anticipated.  It started out as a regular “favorite DIY supplies” post, but evolved into a cruelty-free DIY supplies list.  Fun fact about me: I’m a big advocate for animal rights, and I’m completely against animal testing.   I’ve been cruelty free with cleaning products, cosmetics, perfume, hair and body products for a LONG time.  I don’t eat red meat or pork, and rarely eat chicken or turkey.  I don’t know why I never thought about the supplies and products I use to create my home.  So I’m turning over a new leaf and only featuring those products I love that are animal friendly.  I hope this inspires some of you to do the same 🙂


Disclaimer:  This list will grow and evolve as I find more products to add.  And sometimes, products will be deleted if I find out they weren’t completely truthful in their “we don’t test on animals” statement, or I find out their parent company tests.  

There may be affiliate links in this post.  You can read my full disclosure policy here.


Click on any thumbnail below to be directed to the product’s source.

So I hope you find this helpful.  I know it’s been eye-opening for me.  I’m excited to keep finding more products and share them with you all.  If you know of any other products that you think I should add, please leave a comment below, thanks!

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  1. […] Keeping with my theme of “Favorites” lately, I’m here to share my latest find.  And it’s a good one!  Have you ever bought and tried a metallic spray paint only to be disappointed with how the finish turned out?  *raising both hands*  I kept reading about other bloggers singing the praises of one particular spray paint, so I did my research.  Turns out it’s cruelty-free (I emailed the company), so I ordered a can faster than you can say WOO-HOO.  You can see my list of other cruelty-free DIY products here. […]

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