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Carrera Marble: Get the look for as low as $3

I love white Carrera marble.  It’s hands down my my favorite stone.  It’s not the most user friendly, but neither are high heels.  We pay a price for beauty in one way or another.

Traditionally, marble is expensive, depending on how you use it, the cuts, etc.  I used it in my master bathroom, and it was only pennies more expensive than porcelain tile.

I thought I would snoop around online and see what is out there that is budget friendly but gives the look and style of Carrera or Calcutta marble.

Kitchen 5

in my kitchen, I used the real stuff on my back splash.  I’ve gotten a lot of love for my kitchen countertop, too.  It looks like a black marble, BUT it’s laminate!  It’s shiny and sparkly, but a pain to keep clean.  The sales guy warned me, but I’ve never been one to listen to anyone trying to talk me out of a decorating idea (i.e., my wood floors, painting my cabinets and brick fireplace, painting whole rooms black… you get the point).  This post contains affiliate links.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

  • Wilsonart sells rolls of peel & stick laminate.  Think it as wallpaper for your counter top.
  • Wal-Mart sells rolls of grey marble adhesive.  Get this, you get a roll that is 17″ x 78″ for $7.25!!!  Will someone please try this product and let me know how it works?k2-_9b0178a1-def0-47d5-b2e9-e3e2ed69e9af.v1
  • Home Depot has multiple porcelain tiles that will give you the Carrera look on a ceramic budget.  I like this 12×24″ tile option, and 6″x24″ tile options.  I really like the look of them blended together:96728090-1d46-40ba-aca9-aeda0c1993c9_400
  • My next find was completely new to me.  I had no idea that you could mix and match coat hooks.  I found a faux marble option at Home Depot.  It’s $5!  4bc358ad-80c6-4098-b44e-28202759c5b2_400
  • I came across Remodelaholic’s tutorial and Gorgeous Shiny Things’ tutorial on how to hand paint a counter to look like marble.  It looks freaking fabulous.  I would love to try this technique one day, but would want a scrap piece to practice on first.
  • Formica has a beautiful countertop material that is a solid sister to marble.  NA_180fx_3460_Calacatta Marble
  • I found this shelf liner and it has so many possibilities!  And for $2.97 a roll, I’ll have to get some just to try it out.  I could do my linen closet, the inside of my medicine cabinet, picture frames, small boxes, and some boxy pots that I have for small pots.4578597
  • The next couple items won’t fool anyone, but they are fun and caught my eye!  This faux marble skin has me wishing I had a laptop.  il_570xN.746805096_a6ou
  • I’ve got my eye on this mousepad and phone case since I need both right now.  il_570xN.855408888_qrzvil_570xN.866445713_t6bvCarrera Marble - The Striped House

Even if you’re not shopping for marble, I hope this inspired you to think outside the box when looking for materials in your home.  There are so many look-a-likes out there that are worth checking out.  More importantly, I think we all know when we have our heart set on something, it’s worth the wait and and little elbow grease, especially if it saves us cash.  So we can buy more high heels, right? 😉