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Happy Holidays everyone!

It’s that most wonderful time of year where everyone can unleash their inner decorating persona, go a little overboard – and it’s totally acceptable!  I’m always excited to see how other bloggers decorated their homes for Christmas.  Years ago, pre-The Striped House, I would become blissfully sucked in to blog hops where there was link after link to beautifully decorated holiday homes.  I’m jazzed to be part of the Winter Eclectic Home Tour hosted by my friend, Jess at Domicile 37.  We met this summer at Haven and instantly bonded over our obsession with the same magazines, blogs and designers.  Thank you Jess for inviting me 🙂

My master bedroom…  since I created the faux evergreen and white pom pom garland specifically for the upper part of my bed, that is the same as last year.  But I soooo love it, so it stays.  I swapped out a pair of white pillow shams for some regular red pillowcases that I got for $5.  Then I added a set of mini faux evergreen trees to my nightstand.  Pretty sure I got them for $5 a Hobby Lobby during clearance.

modern traditional eclectic, black and white bedroom, christmas home tour

My office… I didn’t do too much in here.  I had one of those boards with the ribbon criss crossed over it where you could display photos, etc.  The fabric print was outdated, so I replaced it with a wintery plaid and red velvet ribbon, and voila!


My little bar gets a lot of love on my blog.  I covered a piece of art work in a sheet of this old school awesomely CATastic old school wrapping paper.  You know you love it 😉  Then I added some red stripe paper straws ($3 at Target), and some rosemary from the grocery store (it smells di-vine!).  The reason for the glow in the back in the table is the mini lights I have in two empty liquor decanters.  They don’t photograph too well, but they’re still festive.


I have a couple more holiday DIY’s planned, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram to see more!

I’ve never used real evergreens for decorating.  We always had a fake tree growing up, so that’s what I got, and I always got fake garland, etc.  I decided I wanted to give the real greens a go this year, and I’m really liking it.

TIP:  Stop by the outdoor tree cutting area at Home Depot.  I was buying my garland when I spotted a shopping cart with scrap branches from trees they had trimmed and sold.  I asked the nice highschool boy cashier what they did with them.  He said I could help myself, and I made a beeline to the cart!  I took a couple, brought them home, cut them down into smaller pieces and have been tucking them in everywhere, like the little mirror I have in my master bathroom.


My Dining Room…  I bought too much rosemary, so I added some to wine glasses on my credenza.  Y’all my dining room smelled so good.


modern-traditional-scandinavian-christmas-home-dining-room-table modern-traditional-scandinavian-christmas-home-dining-room modern-traditional-scandinavian-christmas-home-fireplace-mantle



My kitchen…  I more or less took out the blue elements and replaced them with red.  I’m really liking the red, maybe I won’t go back to blue???


modern-traditional-scandinavian-christmas-home-kitchen-corner modern-traditional-scandinavian-christmas-home-kitchen-counter modern-traditional-scandinavian-christmas-home-kitchen-stove modern-traditional-scandinavian-christmas-home-kitchen-table-tangerines modern-traditional-scandinavian-christmas-home-kitchen-table

My Living Room…



Want to see more of my tree?  Check out yesterday’s post that is all about my tree!


If you enjoyed seeing my home, please pin, share and spread the holiday cheer!  



Please Note: Links to Home Tour are not live until day of tour


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