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Hello friends!

Do you ever see something online and think it’s really neat/cute/clever…and then you see it’s sold out?  If you’re me, your next thought is “can I make that?”…  Lately, Anthropologie has been killing it in their home furnishings and decor department.  Anthropologie has never really been in my budget, but man, do I love walking through that store and checking out their window and table displays.  So when I saw this really cute easel desk calendar on Pinterest, clicked through and saw it was sold out, I wasn’t bummed out for too long.  I looked at it long at hard, and got to work making my own.  Keep reading to see how I did it…

knock off version of Anthropologie easel desk calendar


Here is the Pin that started it all:



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  • clipboard calendar, $3 from Target “dollar bins”
  • paper calendar, also $3 from Target “dollar bins”
  • rose gold contact paper, $15  (but I found mine at Home Depot)
  • 12″ piece of moulding, $0.48, Home Depot  (see photo below for more info)
  • Pecan colored trim, $7, Home Depot
  • Round wood dowel, I got mine at Michael’s.  They’re dowels are color coded, mine has a white end.
  • smaller wood (to keep easel upright), I got it at Michael’s – it was right next to the dowels.

**Note – this picture was taken with my original supplies.  Halfway through the project, I had to switch to Plan B.  So the two rectangular dowels ended up not being used.  I didn’t mind how they looked, but realized I could do better with actual moulding from the department store.  I used the clipboard, round dowel and smaller rectangular piece of wood.

I used a flathead screwdriver to pry the clip part of the clipboard off.

Here’s How I Did It:

I filled the two holes with wood filler; let it dried; and, then sanded it down smooth.

I wanted a shorter thicker piece to hold the easel upright.  Then I cut the smaller rectangular piece of wood in half and glued the two halves together with wood glue.

Next I wrapped both the clipboard and the smaller (just glued together) piece in rose gold colored contact paper.  I laid down each piece and traced it to get the right size.  I wrapped the paper around both pieces so it would look for seamless.  Be careful of air bubbles!  I went over the top and bottom of the main large piece and around the sides for the back piece.

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Next I stained the 12 inch piece of moulding with stain.  This stain comes in a tube and it was soooo easy!  I squirt out a toothpaste size dallop and used an old clean sock to wipe it on the stain, making sure to get the ends.  Then I let it dry completely.  Here is the exact SKU and description of the moulding I used:

Once dried, I glued the moulding on the front right under where I wanted to paper to “sit”.  I used good old crazy glue.  Then I glued the smaller rectangular block on the back, this time using a hot glue gun.

Hanging the calendar…  that round dowel I bought, I cut off only the end inch to use.  You can either stain it the same color as the tray piece that goes along the bottom on the front.  Or if you happen to have rose gold colored spray paint (I do, shocker), you can spray it with that.

I eyeballed where I wanted the dowel on the paper (or where it would come through the paper) and then traced around the dowel on the back of the December page.

I used my exacto knife and cut the hole through that page and November.  Then I just kept using that original December page to keep cutting two more pages at a time.  A little tedious, but better than buying a new larger hole punch just for this project.  I stacked the papers, pushed the dowel through the hole of the stack, and propped them on the easel on the front stained tray.  I used a little bit of crazy glue on the dowel end (facing the easel) and let the weight of the papers leaning on the easel to keep the dowel in place against the wood.  I hope this all makes sense!

Here it is in my office!  My hope is to use this instead of the big paper monstrosity that is leaning against a wall 😉  I hope to keep doing more smaller projects like this in the future.  I hope you enjoyed this and it inspires you





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