What your pet really wants for Christmas

I am a self-proclaimed animal lover.  Toby, (my tiger cat) made his first appearance on Twitter this week.  I brake for squirrels.  I’ll leave the pile of leaves under the bush if I know a bunny is living there.  I have pulled over on the side of the road (many times) to chase after animals who are lost from home.  Heck, I even got into it with a dorky – college age – assistant manager of Nothing But Noodles when she tried to tell me that I couldn’t try to catch a kitten who was living in the drain sewer in the parking lot.

With all of that being said, I would consider myself an A+ pet shopper.  Read on to find out what your four legged friend really wants for Christmas.

PicMonkey Collage


  • If you have come home to a Christmas Tree on the ground and a cat that won’t look you in the eye, you’ll understand this.
  • I’m all for comfortable pet beds to keep them off your furniture (yeah right).  Especially that won’t break the awesome style you have in your home.
  • This big dog bed is perfect for the male dog owner in your life.  Masculine, but still stylish.


  • My heart breaks every time I see FB post from someone whose pet is lost.  I love that this collar will tell others that your furry family member is microchipped.
  • This cat mat can be filled with cat nip.  You might not see your cat for days.
  • There are teepees for kids these days, why not have them for pets, too?


  • Cats love to squish themselves into tight spaces to sleep.  (I don’t understand it.)  This braided bowl bed is a sure fire winner.
  • Even on sunny days, Fido should have a shaded spot to nap.  Unless you want him on your new outdoor sofa?
  • These cat nip toys were too funny not to include.  If you’ve ever seen a cat on cat nip, you know the effect cat nip has!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas week and remember to give Fido and Fluffy a little extra TLC over the holidays 🙂

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