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We all have that one room that you thought was amazing and genius when you decorated it years ago. And then you live in it for a while and realize you may have done a couple things differently if you could do it all over again. Granted, lives and lifestyles change, so change is inevitable.  I love, love, love my kitchen. But if I get the chance, here are some things I would do to make it even more amazing.

black and white classic kitchen the striped house

1. CHOSEN DIFFERENT CHAIRS.  I bought a pair of Louis IV Ghost Chairs. I had been eyeing these chairs for YEARS.  So when I found a pair of knocks offs at At Home, I But they are not chairs you can settle into for a long dinner or wine night with your girls. Not to mention, the whole clear thing FREAKS men out.

2. USED WHITE QUARTER-ROUND.  The quarter-round we put down matches the floor. It should match the white baseboards.  If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, it’s that round piece of trim that covers up the seam where the baseboards meet the floor.

3. GET A BIGGER FRIDGE.  I bought my fridge many moons ago when stainless was still really expensive. The original fridge died six weeks after I moved in.  It was the cheapest one the store had, so I got it. I didn’t realize how much smaller it is compared to a full size standard fridge.  Thank goodness it’s just me in my house.

classic contemporary black white kitchen tour

4.  MAXIMIZE MY STORAGE.  I don’t have much for storage.  This is something that the more I think about, the more I think is coming down the pipeline.  I am eyeing those drawers that you can pull out that hold your trash can, or your pots and pans.  I may add some open shelves above the part of my counter where there aren’t cabinets.  I may transform the space under my counter where the barstools are at into an awesome recycling center where the cabinet doors are really drawers that can hold a lot papers, cans, glass, etc.  I have a very narrow pantry that serves as my current “recycling center”, but it would be nice to use it for actual food 😉  If you have any suggestions for brands or systems to try, I’m all ears!

5.  EPOXIED MY KITCHEN TABLE.  I love IKEA, but when I started finding small chips in the top of the table, (in the first couple months of having the table), I about lost my cool.  Keep in mind, I never eat that table;)  #firstworldsinglegirlproblems

6.  CHOSEN DIFFERENT BARSTOOLS.  I like how my current barstools look.  But they are really wobbly (I bought them at a big box type store, so I got what I paid for).  Again, guys don’t like chairs they might break.  And the bottoms of your feet hurt so bad if you put your feet up on the wooden rungs that go across the bottom.  No bueno.

My changes wouldn’t be anything major.  Nothing I can’t do right in the future.  I love my floors, my cabinets, the wall and cabinet colors, the backsplash, countertops, etc.

What are some of YOUR kitchen do-overs you’d like to have?  We can all learn from each other, right?! 🙂

Until next time,

XO, Jen



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