Hello friends!  It’s been while, I know.  But it’s been busy here at El Striped Casa.  First, I turned 38.  Huh what?  How did that happen?  I don’t feel it, nor do I really act like it!  But it is what it is, and I’m happy to take another trip around the sun with you all 🙂

Speaking of the sun, did you all watch the eclipse last week.  We had 98.5% totality and it was kind of a let down.  It was neat to watch the sun, but we were all hoping for spooky, eery and maybe some little green aliens 😉

Second, I took a trip I’ve wanted to take for years.  My cousin, Julie, and I went on a trip back to the homeland, to research our family tree.  In this case, the homeland is central New York, between the Catskills and Adirondacks.  It’s beautiful there!  I had never been to central NY state before.  We wanted this trip to be a success, so that meant endless hours of research and getting organized before we went.  We spent a week there going through musty books in county basements, wandering around graveyards, and sitting in historical societies and libraries for hours on end.  This may sound boring to you, but we thinks it’s fun!  Julie and I actually ‘discovered” each other on Ancestry.com four years ago.  We met three years ago, and on this trip, we met another distant cousin, Jamie.  It didn’t take long to see the similarities between the three of us!  Our ancestors connected 200 years ago, so it blows my mind to think that personality traits can be so grounded in DNA…  We found answers to some of our questions.  And we’re waiting for some old death and marriage certificates to come in the mail.  Fingers crossed we’ll get more answers from those!


Third, I finally updated my Shop My House page.   I looked at it recently, and was shocked out how of date it seemed!  I hadn’t realized how much I’ve done in the last two years 🙂  Isn’t that always the case that you forget all of the progress you’ve made on something because you’re too busy looking forward?  Guilty.  So go check it out, and please let me know if I missed anything 🙂

Until next time, happy shopping!

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