Happy 2018!  I’m so ready for the start of a fresh new year.  Each year I set new year’s resolutions for my home.  It’s more or less a to-do list of things I want to get done.  Some of the things are based on upgrades.  Others are modifications.  And a couple are brand new products.  Of course there are some based on things that drive me batty 😉


What is on your list to conquer this year?  Are they things that you have been putting off?  Or projects where you just don’t how to tackle it?  Write them down.  You can even make a post it note for each item and throw it away after you complete the task.  If it’s easier, you can divide the list by room.  The list I wrote below is by size, but I’ll likely re-organize it into rooms.  Or you can divide it by FREE or things that will require a budget.

The older I get, the more I realize how much easier and comfortable it is to live in a home that is 100% functional.  Broken items, disorganization and bad decor choices only lead to frustration and time wasted.  Know what I mean?

Feel free to not actually read my list.  Or you can read it, and use it to help you start your own list!  Trust me, once you start thinking of things, the list only gets longer…

So cheers to a year of getting stuff done and making our homes more functional, organized and beautiful!

xo, Jen

So here we go, starting with the smaller scale things…

  1. Find a glue that will actually hold those little felt pads to the bottom of my chair legs.  Stupid, I know.  But I’ve tried a couple and my friends feel bad every time one falls off when they pull a chair out.
  2. Put my new scanner/printer/copier to work and get rid of all the paper clutter!
  3. A new rug for my entry that will stay put and people don’t feel bad about wiping their shoes on.  It’s black and white an slides all over the place, also embarrassing for guests.
  4. Shave down the doors that are sticking.  My house is settling and some of my doors are really tough to open.  Again, embarrassing for guests. 
  5. Keep selling old stuff (mostly home decor and house stuff on Facebook), and have a garage sale in the spring to sell remaining items and clothing.  Time to purge!
  6. Change out the doorknobs that I’ve purchased but just keep forgetting to do.
  7. Find artwork to above my credenza in my dining room.
  8. Figure out my bedside clock and phone charging situation.  It’s a mess.
  9. Find a pretty oil diffuser that I can plug into a wall and will fill an entire room with scent.

Medium size projects…

  1. Figure out a window treatment for my sliding back doors.  The current curtains get in the way every time you go in and out.  Again, embarrassing.
  2. Add open shelves in my kitchen.
  3. Add art in my kitchen
  4. I’m toying with the idea of refinishing my IKEA DOCKSTA table.  They are notorious for chipping.
  5. Finish the cleaning cabinet project I started.
  6. Move out one of my master bedroom dressers and my tall round nightstand.  Bring in two rectangular nightstands that work with the layout of my room.
  7. Repaint my master bedroom.  I’m not sure if the black is completely going away, or just partially…
  8. Convert one of my guest bedroom closets into an organized linen closet and place to store my 100 throw pillows…
  9. Get new dishes and serving dishes.

The bigger projects…

  1. Finish the rest of the bedroom doors like I did for the other hallways doors.
  2. Purchase new barstools and kitchen chairs.  The barstools are getting wobbly (more embarrassing), and my Ghost chairs are moving into my dining room.
  3. Tear out the ugly white closet system in my master bedroom, and install something that actually works for my clothing.
  4. Figure out a design for my guest bathroom, and start renovating.
  5. I’m keeping my eyes out for a new living room sofa and chair.  My current versions are too small and not as comfortable as I would like.  Bad choices, lesson learned 😉

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    January 2, 2018 at 8:58 am

    Your garage sale will be EPIC!

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