Four Looks for Your Foyer


Let’s talk foyers.  I’ve been thinking about mine more lately.  Picture your’s.  Does it welcome you in?  Does it serve it’s purpose?  Is it functional?  Mine is a work in progress.  For example, right now I’m looking for a new rug that is thin enough that I can open my front door (all the way) and there is a boot tray where guests can put their shoes and not feel nervous they are ruining my wood floors or rug.  I’m also looking for a narrow depth table or shelf that I can put along the wall opposite of the bench I just bought from At Home.  Oh, and some artwork.

One of the biggest problems I’ve been running into is what style to focus on.  My style is hard to pinpoint.  It’s a mix of traditional/formal bones, dressed in contemporary and Scandinavian.  But lately, I feel myself going more homey, casual and comfortable.  I want a home that everyone feels comfortable in.  I’ve become more aware of things like how grown men don’t like to sit in clear plexiglass chairs.  Or how throw pillows that have buttons, sequins, beading on them are not good for couches when your and your girlfriends want to get cozy and drink wine.  You live, you learn, eh?

So in my quest to find the right items, I found myself leaning towards different styles at different times.  It doesn’t take much to get me going in a new direction.  I’m kind of like a Labrador who saw a squirrel in that respect 😉

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Here are some of the goodies that caught my eye.  I was playing around with them to see how they would look with other pieces I like.


umbrella stand  |  coat hook  |  bench  |  bench  |  umbrella stand


console table  |   umbrella holder  |  rug  |  coat hook  |  book ends


bench  |  rug  |  umbrella stand  |  shelf  |  wall vase  |  coat hooks


umbrella stand  |  letter |  tree stand  |  rug  |  basket | shelf

 I linked to sources below each picture in case you saw something you like.  What do you think?  Is your own foyer how you want it?  Or have I got you thinking about your entry way, too, ha ha 🙂

I’ll be sure to post pictures of my entry as things start to take shape.  Have a great week!

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