Hello friends!  I’m sorry for being away for a week!  There’s been a lot going on at The Striped House, and just not enough hours to get everything done.  Today’s post is little different, but I hope some of you find it helpful 🙂

This spring I made over my living room.  Every new room has kinks to work out after it’s done.  Mine was my rug situation.  I got new carpet, and then layered two rugs over it.  And added a really heavy marble coffee table and a sofa on top.  Uffda.  My rug from RugsUSA lays beautifully.  But I shouldn’t be surprised that the IKEA rug on top is not doing the same.  Because there are so many soft layers under the furniture, the furniture legs are sinking into the layers, thus creating waves in the top rug.

Getting Waves out of Rugs | The Striped House

So here’s what I did to get rid of the waves in the rug:


I used old laminate wood flooring samples to put between the two rugs directly under the furniture legs.  That gives the furniture a harder surface to rest on.


Then I filled a spray bottle with water and misted the top rug where the waves were.  I didn’t soak the rug, but I got it wet enough where the water would get down into the backing/bottom part of the rug.


Then I would stand on the waves to flatten them out while the water softened up the rug fibers so they could be re-moulded flat once more.

How to Get Waves out of Rugs | The Striped House


I’m thinking that if this doesn’t work, then I’ll remove the top rug all together and take it outside, hose it down and let it dry in the sun while it’s flat. It’s a $20 rug, so I’m not too worried about longevity.

What other tips do you all have on keeping rugs in tact?  I’ve never tried the ice cube trick before – have you?

Until next time!

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