Hello friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I spent the majority of the last week “out of commission”, so to speak, with defective sinuses for lack of a better term.  God bless Sudafed, and now I’m back in the game.   This is a short post, because it didn’t take me long to do, and is a bit of a revival on an old post.  If you want to see how I made the back of my built-in bookcases red, read on…

DIY Red Bookcase Background Tutorial The Striped House

For the last couple years, my built-ins have been white.  But before that, they had an animal print background that I DIY’ed.  I posted about that tutorial and you can read it here.

And before THAT, they were this disgusting yellow honey oak color that should be outlawed.  You can check out the BEFORE pics of my house here.

If you want to see a crazy good before and after, check out my post on my fireplace and built-ins makeover.

I kept the boards I used when I created the animal print background.  I just flipped them over and used leftover red front door paint.  But really, any kind of red paint would work – spray paint, acrylic, interior latex.

(forgive the poor quality photos, I took them with my iPhone 😉 

Since I haven’t moved the shelves, they popped right back in.  I think there was one where I used painters tape to keep one in place where I cut the board a bit too short.

And then Bridget wanted to um, ahem, try “finger painting”.

So there you have it.  Super easy peazy.  And I can pop them out after Christmas.

Have a great week, y’all!

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