Two Photography Hacks for $19


I know what you’re thinking:  “Another photography hack post?  She just did one yesterday!”

(laughing) I’m sorry!  I’m in a ‘fix it – make it better – get organized’ groove right now.  I promise we’ll get to back to pretty house things soon.

But first, I’m so excited about these two new photography hacks I have for you!  This post contains some affiliate links.  Click here to ready my full disclosure policy.
The Striped House - More Photography Hacks 3

The camera strap is adorable, huh?  I wish I could take creative credit for it, but I can’t.  When I got my camera, I was cruising around Pinterest looking for inspiration to make a camera strap.  I found Almost Makes Perfect’s DIY Leather Camera Strap tutorial and I knew I had to make it.  I’m proud to say that I love that it turned out with the same look and feel as her’s.  I loved her gold version, but I must have been feeling lazy because I kept the silver even though my silvers don’t match.

It cost me $16 to make!  

  • leather strap at Hobby Lobby – $10, but I got it for $6 with my online 40% coupon
  • the D-rings are from a belt I bought at Goodwill for $3
  • The double ended hooks were $2 each at Home Depot
  • The small silver keychain rings were $3 at Michael’s

For real, stop by Almost Makes Perfect.  Her blog is beautiful and so inspirational.  Her photos get my creative juices flowing.

The Striped House - More Photography Hacks

This next hack is pretty funny (to me).  I am accident prone.  I’m growing out of it (mostly), but I’m always banging things into walls, furniture, etc.

My camera tripod is no exception.  I have wood laminate floors and light colored floors.  So when I would move my tripod on my floors, I would cringe each time I would hear the legs screeeech on my floors.  I tried putting felt tip pads on the bottom, but they didn’t stick.  I have also scuffed my tripod legs on my light colored walls more times than I can count.

I got some inspiration from a couple little old ladies and put tennis balls on the bottom of the legs.  I bought a can of pink tennis balls for $3 from Walmart, used my unused bread knife (I am no Chef Boyardee) to cut x’s in the balls and popped them on my tripod.  Goodbye scratched floors!

The Striped House - More Photography Hacks 2

The Striped House - Photography Hacks collage

I hope you enjoyed my little photography hacks.  I promise, we’ll get back to houses tomorrow!  Cheers to getting organized and checking off things on your to do list this month, and getting 2016 off to a great start!

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