Hello friends!  Normally, I would post this update a little later in the week but I’ve got some big and bold things coming later this week, so I’m bringing you an update on my kitchen early.  So last week, I shared with you my plans to refresh the eating half of my kitchen while participating in the One Room Challenge.  The kicker of this is that I didn’t have a whole lot confirmed when I decided to start this process.  I’m kinda flying by the seat of my pants and working from instinct.

What is Done:

  • floating shelves are installed
  • replaced door knob on pantry

What I’ve Purchased/Ordered:

  • roller blinds for my patio doors
  • light for over my table
  • vintage chairs for table – waiting for seller to respond
  • some art for the wall
  • medallion for light

What Still Needs to be Purchased:

  • countertop stools
  • fabric for window
  • rugs
  • white serving dishes
  • paint to refinish my table (trying to find one that’s cruelty-free)

What Needs to be Built/DIY’ed:

  • valance box around patio door
  • reupholster chairs, or maybe I’ll use fabric paint?
  • install light over table
  • paint floating shelves
  • refinish table
  • fabric on roller blinds (fingers crossed this idea works!)


Here’s what I learned this week about decorating:  I need to follow my gut.  There were some chairs online that I’ve had my eye on for months and months.  But for some reason I couldn’t pull the trigger.  Then I saw a pair of midcentury chairs in a magazine and they met all of my criteria for chairs.  Winner!  I found them on Chairish and the seller wanted $300 for shipping them. I almost had myself talked into it, but I still didn’t pull the trigger.  Then I found someone else selling similar chairs from the same designer on Etsy.  But she was selling four chairs, and the shipping was less.  So I would get 4 chairs (including shipping) for the price of the other two!  Suddenly I felt a wave of relief and immediately messaged the seller for additional photos (she said she had more to share if someone was seriously interested).  So maybe if you can’t pull the trigger on something that you think you want (and are able to buy), then maybe it wasn’t meant to be and something better right around the corner? 😉


I have lots to do, so I had better get movin’!  Stay tuned for next week’s update 🙂

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